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The River Returns is
Dedicated to Marjorie Skiles
Photo of Marjorie Skiles and friend in canoe

Marjorie Skiles departed from this world on May 17, 2005, but she left a wonderful legacy in her son, Wes Skiles.

For those who know Wes, she is the source of his fire, his playfulness, his positive spirit, and drive. She's the fight and the stubbornness, the bravery and curiosity. Marjie first encouraged Wes to jump into the glorious springs with a mask and snorkel. She picked up her sons from school with surfboards strapped to the car and encouraged her kids to play, dream, and aspire.

Marjie was not just the mom who inspired an adventurer's life, she was also a part of creating The River Returns. Marjie was my roommate through the long months of editing the Water's Journey films - providing me with a home, warmth, support, and friendship. She was an active researcher for our projects, leaving carefully clipped newspaper articles for us to digest at the breakfast table.

Marjorie did not miss a moment of living, and the day before her death she had some last words of comfort and advice for me even including a couple of important things that I could fix in the film!

Marjie taught me that despite what challenges life deals us, face them with courage, sincerity and fullness of heart. She's an inspiration for all that knew her and her life was a great role model for all people.

Thank you, Marjie, for everything.

Jill Heinerth
Producer, The River Returns

The River Returns Web Documentary
By Fusionspark Media, Inc.
Russell Sparkman
Executive Producer, Creative Director, Principle Photographer
Russell Sparkman is co-founder of Fusionspark Media, Inc. Since 1999, Russell has been deeply involved with all aspects of Fusionspark Media's projects, from principle photography to production. Projects have included Florida Springs: Protecting Nature's Gems, the companion web documentary to Karst Production's film "Water's Journey: Hidden Rivers of Florida."

Kevin Sparkman
Associate Producer, Field Audio, Script Writer
Kevin Sparkman, a co-founder of Fusionspark Media, Inc., has been the lead producer on a number of Fusionspark Media projects, including Florida Springs: Protecting Nature's Gems, The Gift of a Lifetime, and Wakulla Spring: A Giant Among Us.

Maryalice Yakutchik
Associate Producer, Principle Writer
As writer, producer and photographer, Maryalice Yakutchik is a veteran of numerous online productions for Discovery Communications, including environmental projects about the Everglades, snakes, tigers and elephants.

Jade Carter
Graphic Design, Flash Programming

Robert Grant
Web Site Development

Charley Parker
Flash Animation

Jack Penland
Script and Audio Editor, Narrator

Toby Malina
Narrator, Editor

Sherry Mays
Researcher, Writer

The River Returns Film
By Karst Productions, Inc.
Wes Skiles
Executive Producer
Wes Skiles, the creator of the Water's Journey series, is best known for his work in educational adventure science films. Over the past 15 years he has created and produced over two-dozen films for all the major networks. Recently, he executive produced, directed and filmed the award-winning PBS film, "Water's Journey: The Hidden Rivers of Florida." Currently, Wes is working on expanding the Water's Journey series to document additional great waterways, both in Florida and elsewhere in the world.

Jill Heinerth
Jill Heinerth, producer for the "Water's Journey" film series, is one of the top female cave divers in the world. She has participated in diving and caving expeditions to Mexico, Antarctica, and throughout the United States. Jill specializes in closed-circuit rebreather technology and was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame and recognized as Canadian Technical Diver of the Year. Recently, Jill coordinated the underwater unit for The Cave, a Hollywood feature film.

Tony Haines
Director of Post Production

Peter Thomas

Wes Skiles
Director of Photography

Jill Heinerth, Wes Skiles, Clark Fivek
Script Writers

Georgia Shemitz
Associate Producer

Ross Ambrose
Line Producer

Beth Murphy
Production Manager

Scott Braunsroth
Best Boy

Joel Tower, David Strayer

David Strayer
Additional Camera

Simon Manses
Key Grip

Mark Long
Underwater Grip and Lighting

Jerry Murphy, Lamar Hires, Dan Lins
Diving Assistants

Phoebe Rudomino-Dusiacka, Joe Hoyt, Woody Jasper
Productions Assistants

Rick Cockrell, Randall Snyder, David Girardin, Ken Kerce, Marshall Snyder, Gary Nichols
Airboat Pilots

Bob Tillman, Ron Thorstad
Flying Boat Pilots

Mark Long, David Girardin, Jeff Kerr, Smokey Nevius, Rand Speas, Bob Tillman
Boat Captains

Rodney Barnett
Helicopter Pilot

Pam Livingston Way, Jim Maher, Tom Morris, David Girardin
Environmental Scientists

Marjorie Skiles

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